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Real Weight Loss Pictures

real weight loss pictures

    weight loss
  • "Weight Loss" is the fifth season premiere of the American comedy television series The Office, and the show's seventy-third (and seventy-fourth) episode overall.

  • Weight loss, in the context of medicine, health or physical fitness, is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon and other connective tissue.

  • Weight Loss is a 2006 novel by Upamanyu Chatterjee.

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real weight loss pictures - Real Fitness

Real Fitness for Real Women: A Unique Workout Program for the Plus-Size Woman

Real Fitness for Real Women: A Unique Workout Program for the Plus-Size Woman

In just one session a week, Rochelle Rice takes you through a series of special routines that can boost your metabolism, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and make your body more firm - no matter what you weigh.

"Women don't have to be thin to be fit," writes Rochelle Rice. Fitness is not about weight, but about the body, mind, and spirit. Her exercise program, designed for the physical and psychological needs of plus-size women, aims to empower women to get active and reclaim the joy of movement. Real Fitness for Real Women emphasizes exercising for the health and psychological benefits--and the pleasure of it!--rather than for weight loss.
Most exercise books, videos, and gyms, frankly, are demoralizing for large-size women. They usually emphasize the goal of slimness, with impossibly slender women demonstrating exercise routines that would be uncomfortable, even risky, for large women. Rice, instead, studied the biomechanics of large women and developed a six-week, 25-exercise program based on their particular needs.
Everything you need is here: step-by-step warm-up, aerobic dance (starting with just five minutes), strength training (without weights), stretching, and meditation. Each exercise is explained clearly and most are illustrated by photographs of plus-size women. Unfortunately, the aerobic moves are not illustrated, which can make them confusing to novice exercisers. (An accompanying video would be wonderful.)
Besides the exercise program, Rice emphasizes the emotional and spiritual components: getting motivated, creating support, and battling binges, illustrated using stories about other large women. Rice is a certified fitness trainer with a master's degree in plus-size exercise. --Joan Price

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With days to go before the Nov. 2 election, this quick, eight-question quiz will test your ability to think and talk Obamanomics.

1. In talking Obamanomics, when you say "tax cuts," what you really mean are: (a) transfer payments to people who pay no taxes, (b) tax reductions to actual taxpayers, or (c) the Marxist belief that in the fullness of time, the all-powerful state will "wither away."

2. Real tax cuts made to date by the Obama administration add up to: (a) $1.2 trillion, (b) zero, or (c) any number that pops into Barbara Boxer's head.

3. Under the Obama administration, the U.S. economy has added or subtracted how many jobs: (a) plus 3 million, based on computer models not of what happened, but what was supposed to happen, or (b) minus 2.5 million, based on the actual data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4. Over the next two years, "hundreds of thousands of new American jobs" are most likely to be created by: (a) the transition to a "green" economy (through heavy federal subsidies for new wind and solar plants, combined with $7,500 income tax rebate checks for purchasers of the new Chevy "Volt" and other hopelessly overpriced electric cars), or (b) a normal cyclical recovery, if it is ever allowed to happen.

5. President Obama deserves personal credit for: (a) staving off the onset of the next Great Depression, or (b) presiding over the weakest recovery from an economic downturn in more than 60 years.

6. In adding coverage to 30 million uninsured and extending costly new health care mandates to all insurance plans, Obamacare will: (a) allow everyone who wants to keep his current health insurance plan to do so, or (b) play havoc with existing health care plans and lead to the elimination of the popular Medicare Advantage program for seniors.

7. As a result of placing a sixth of the U.S. economy under federal control, Obamacare will: (a) be revenue-neutral, not adding "a single dime to the deficit," or (b) cause premiums to soar and federal deficits to mount, and (c) give government bureaucrats ever-increasing power to ration health care as the only available means of containing government-contrived and government-mandated cost growth. (Hint: this question has two correct answers.)

8. The greatest threat to the future of the American economy lies in: (a) "blind faith in the market," or (b) blind faith in the failed policies of Obamanomics.

For spendthrift Democrats to go around claiming that they have "cut taxes" is to engage in the most deliberate and outrageous obfuscation -- throwing dirt in the eyes of an American public. What Obama and the Democrats have done, in the course of running up $2.7 trillion in federal deficits and spending nearly 25% of GDP over the past two years, is to put checks in the mail to people who, for the most part, pay no income tax -- meaning that these payments from the federal government out of borrowed money are indistinguishable from welfare checks. The Obama administration has not cut tax rates for real taxpayers and has no intention of doing so (with huge tax increases soon to take effect with the expiration of the earlier round of George W. Bush tax cuts).

But none of this stops Democratic Party stalwarts from playacting the part of favoring tax cuts. On CNN, California Senator Boxer made the laughable claim that she had supported "$1.2 trillion in tax cuts" through the stimulus bill -- which would suggest that the entire stimulus bill, and more, was devoted to tax cuts. In fact, she began her interview with Wolf Blitzer in claiming she had supported $2.2 trillion in tax cuts.

Since Obama came to office in January 2009, the unemployment has risen from just under 8% to close to 10% -- where it has stayed for the past year. There has been a net loss of about 2.5 million jobs. Even so, the Obama administration continues to claim that it has "created or saved" about 3 million jobs. That is a meaningless metric, which is not based on any evidence. It comes from plugging data on government spending into a Keynesian computer model and assuming (against a great weight of contrary evidence) that every dollar spent would provide $1.50 in economic growth and job creation. It is merely a restatement of what the target was at the outset of the stimulus program, as opposed to an objective measure of what the program has actually achieved.

In recent months, President Obama and Vice President Biden have gone about the country talking up a few Potemkin Village-type projects (mostly wind and solar energy projects) as shining examples of "the jobs of the future." But the cost per job created in these projects has been shown to exceed $1 million -- meaning that the expenditure has no doubt eliminated more jobs than it has created through the government-directed diversion of scarce resources to unproductive enterprise.

Not since the Great Depressio

Sweet as Candy

Sweet as Candy

So I promised Kat I would take a picture. . . and this is all I got. It's craptastic. . . I couldn't figure out how I wanted the focus or the angle or how much lollipop I wanted in the shot. . .
So here ya go Kat. You better be happy now.
Oh and I was tagged, so I'll do those.
1. I started off the year 25 pounds lighter! I finally weigh less then I have in 2 years, and I plan on keeping the weight loss going.
2. I haven't felt like taking nice self portraits lately. . . I'll take some silly ones here and there just to be a goof, but I haven't felt in the mood. Maybe I'm just saving all the good stuff for when I start my second 365??
3. It's almost been a year since I split with my husband. I can't believe how much happier I am, how many friends I have, and I feel like dating (even though I have no idea how to go about it).
4. I always have to have my finger nails and toenails painted. I feel wierd if they aren't. And it just looks boring when they aren't.
5. My eyes are usually blue, but sometimes I get alot of green in them if my mood is right.
6. When I was in 6th and 7th grade me and my friend Courtney were always running around and being mischievous. The majority of my scars are from times with her. Including one that runs up my right shin from barbed wire, almost sliced the tip of my big toe off from a flying skateboard, other cuts on toes from slicing them while playing hide and seek, just to name a few.
7. Monqy is actually a real nickname of mine. My friend Jamie and I came up with it in middle school. She is Monqie. We call each other Monq (sounds like monk)for short(it used to confuse the crap out of people). I hardly ever call her by her real name and she hardly ever calls me by mine. January 3rd is our "Annaversary" it's the day we really became friends in 8th grade.
8. I have THICK curly hair. I hate it. Not only is it curly, but it's wavy in spots and really frizzy when I don't do anything with it. I like to keep it straight, but I hate how it kills my hair. And since I have no one to impress I don't straighten it often.
9. This is so hard to think of things I haven't told you guys already.
10. I was born in Hawaii. We were always at the beach or I was always outside covering myself in mud. My parents always called me Orphan Baby because I was always a mess. And before I could say orphan correctly I said I was an Ocean Baby. Which fit also.

real weight loss pictures

real weight loss pictures

From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction

This guide chronicles how one woman’s very public journey to lose weight mushroomed into a community quest to get fit. At the age of 60, Carole Carson broke the taboo of speaking about obesity when she openly admitted her shame and guilt about being fat and out of shape on the front page of the local newspaper. As she recounted her transformation from butterball to butterfly in a weekly newspaper column, she gradually inspired more than 1,000 people in her Northern California community to join her. People who had struggled with weight loss and fitness suddenly found that when they joined with their friends and neighbors they could accomplish together what they could not do by themselves. They learned a completely new way of living and discovered that getting fit was fun and in the process lost the equivalent of a school bus! Through the guide’s seven-step process, among other practical strategies and resources, readers will find a framework for duplicating the Nevada County Meltdown’s successes in their respective communities—their congregation, their office, their friends and family—realizing the power of partnership and revitalizing their ties with each other.

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